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Annapolis Sod & Seed

Our Sod & Seed service is the key to creating a lush lawn which we can maintain and keep beautiful throughout each season.  In most cases we will strip your existing lawn and adjust any grading issues which might lead to negative drainage towards your home.  Then we will evaluate your existing soil conditions and either apply needed amendments, add new quality soil or if all is acceptable we will install your new lawn.  
We believe that on smaller lawn square footage totals Sod is the only way to go.  On larger areas we then bring up the option, cost comparisons and overall better routes for your needs and budget.  While Sod is more expensive, it does give you an automatic lawn upon completion with 100% coverage.  
Seed will give you a lower cost lawn but will give you 75% coverage at best in most cases and will take 3-5 years to achieve what you will with Sod in just the time it takes to install. The maintenance needs also differ drastically, no matter what you do constant watering is a must, but the fertilizer and additional seeding for seeded lawns is much more demanding. 
Aeration & overseeding is a common fall service, and helps to loosen the soil to allow water and nutrients to better reach the roots of your turfgrass.  

Ideal planting times in our region is March 15th to June 15th and September 15th to November 15th but all does depend on the weather at the time of your Installation. Installing Sod & Seed out of these ideal times are common but concerns that should be noted are during hotter months, daily watering is required and during winter months Sod is not commonly available as the farms are not cutting.  
We do not offer a warranty on Sod installed but if signs of browning occur within 48 hours it will be corrected. There is consideration on a case by case basis but we are always willing to work with our customers.

Unlike other so-called green industry professionals, we will treat your property with respect and leave your property better than when we arrived and if something needs to be moved, we will put it back and not create a mess by leaving any debris we created or noticed while servicing your property.

We offer pricing on a per installation basis and require 1/3rd down upon acceptance of contract and remaining balance due upon completion of installation.  We are always willing to help and will work with you on whatever arrangement is needed to successfully service you and your property.
Pricing for this service starts out at $250.00 per visit but averages $1,500.00 per Installation. 
To discuss this service in further detail please contact us to schedule your free on-site consultation.

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Final Approach Property Management LLC is a locally owned and operated business devoted to provide the most satisfactory service to our customers through high-quality work in a friendly and timely manner.

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Jill Cowher, Arnold, MD: I would like to take a minute to Thank the crew at Final Approach Property Management.   They have come through for my family and I for years now and when they asked me for a review on their new website I didn't have to think about it at all!  Ready for a great 2017 Guys! 

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